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Free startup controller to delete any unwanted startup applications, ensuring your computer's high-speed startup.


Clever Startup Manager Free is an absolutely free startup controller. This startup manager specially designed to speed up Windows boot by removing unnecessary programs that snatch resources to launch themselves at the system. It disables any startup programs and fully controls startup by selecting the programs to be launched, making the startup procedure more efficient and faster.

This free startup manager detects and disables different types of unneeded programs that are automatically loading at startup and causing slow performance, freezing, and errors. With its straightforward interface, you are able to add, delete or refresh any startup applications and edit or view their entries to offer a perfect access to customizing startup menus. Just remove spyware, adware, or other dangerous files from startup entries to make your computer more security and other unwanted programs to expedite Windows startup and login time for quicker access to your PC.

Startup Manager

Startup Manager

Clever Startup Manager Free - lightweight Windows startup accelerator, disables any startup programs that run automatically when your operating system loads and fully controls startup by selecting the programs to be launched. It lists all the startup items so that you can choose to permanently delete selected entries from the startup menu, manage & optimize Windows Startup configuration.

How to Delete Startup Items? Video Tutorial

How to Remove Startup Programs?

Boost System Startup

Boost System Startup

Do you feel your computer sluggish at booting? When you turn on your computer, there are drivers, services and many other applications start at the beginning of Windows boot. Some of them can be burden system boot. This free startup manager tool lets you centrally delete all of these auto-start entries using one single interface. Your computer will perform much faster if it has fewer applications running in the background and is not undertaking activities without your consent. Now, you can keep your Windows boot as fast & efficient as possible and enjoy a high-speed PC startup.

Speeds up Login Time

Speeds up Login Time

Clever Startup Manager Free helps detect and disables those unneeded programs that are automatically loading at startup and causing slow performance, freezing, and errors. With fewer programs to load, you'll be able to login to your computer faster and smoother.

Free up Memory

Free up Memory

By removing some startup items you don't want any more with this free startup manager, there will be less programs running in the background. The less startup items, the more available storage memory. And the operation space will become larger, thus your computer will be able to run at a faster speed.

Customize Startup Items

Customize Startup Items

Clever Startup Manager Free allows you to add, edit, enable, disable and delete any designated startup application, enabling you to customize and fully control the startup items. Furthermore, the "run" and "refresh" features are provided through which you can directly run or refresh the applications according to your demands.

How to Add New Startup Items?

How to Edit Startup Item Entry?

How to Run the Selected Item?

How to Refresh Startup List?

View Detailed Startup Information

View Detailed Startup Information

This free startup controller enables you to view the detailed information of the exact applications like the name, type, arguments and so on. Just one click can make viewing detailed properties for each startup entry possible. To your surprise, you can process some operations of each item in the activated registry editor, including import/export, modification, renaming, copy, etc. as wanted.

How to View Item Registry Entry?

Why should I choose Clever Startup Manager Free

DotFree Startup Manager

Clever Startup Manager Free is free full-functional startup management software! It makes the task of managing startup items a breeze without any limitation or extra expenses.

DotOverall Speed Boost

Clever Startup Manager Free dedicates itself in removing any unneeded startup applications that may slow down your computer thoroughly and safely, so that you can keep your computer running in high speed and efficiency.

DotSave More Disk Space

This freeware manages to reduce the number of unnecessary startup programs that waste memory and resources to launch themselves at the system boot on your computer to free up available disk space for other use.

DotLess Lag, Freezes & Errors

With the help of Clever Startup Manager Free, you can remove any unnecessary startup program you don't need to run. And less or no unneeded programs means there will be more computer resources that can be used, thus more lag, freeze up, and errors can be avoided.

DotCompletely Safe

This freeware is 100% clean and safe for your computer. It relieves you from any disturbance of adware, spyware, malware, viruses and unsteady plugins, providing a safe operation environment for PC.

DotEasy to Use

Clever Startup Manager Free has a clean and uncluttered interface. Also it is takes no efforts to operate. Even inexperienced users can find it easy to it without any problems. The management of your startup items can be finished by just a few clicks of the mouse.

What are the system requirements?



Intel Pentium 3 500MHz or equivalent processor

At least 256 MB RAM

50 MB free hard disk space

Graphics mode 800x600, 16-bit color

Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


Intel Pentium 4 1GHz or equivalent processor

512 MB RAM

Minimum 100 MB free hard disk space

Graphics mode 1024x768 true color (highest 32-bit)

Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Clever Startup Manager Free


Clever Startup Manager Free
Clever Startup Manager Free

Editor's Review

PC World - Editor's Review
We think that with lots of functionality from an elegant, easy-to-navigate and clearly labeled interface, Clever Startup Manager Free can be in the running for one of top ranked startup software in our website.

Core Download - Five Star Rating
Overall, Clever Startup Manager Free is an excellent invention. It manages to provide a faster startup speed for users and save up much more memory space.


Delete Startup Items Video Tutorial

Remove Startup Programs

Add New Startup Items

Edit Startup Item Entry

View Item Registry Entry

Run the Selected Item

Refresh Startup List

Did you know?
Clever Startup Manager Free helps delete unwanted startup programs to keep your computer run faster and more safely. 100% Freeware.

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